Sustainability Policy

Sustainability is about meeting the needs of today, without adversely impacting on the needs of tomorrow.

Dimond Structural recognises the importance of a sustainable approach to our operations across the entire chain, from raw materials through to the manufacture and the distribution to our customers.

At Dimond Structural it is our objective to tie sustainability in with what we generally consider to be 'sound' business practices, such as increased efficiency, minimising waste and maximising resources. Sustainable business practices are a new way to direct our organisation and are applied across every aspect of our business - from strategy to waste disposal.

Dimond Structural is moving towards adopting and embracing Environmentally Sustainable practices across all its operations. We undertake to educate our employees, suppliers and Executive on our Environmental Sustainability vision.



The object of this policy is to provide clear direction for Fletcher Dimond Structural's efforts to operate in a sustainable manner.

Policy Statement

We are committed to reduce our environmental footprint and working proactively to respond to global sustainability issues. We recognise that sustainable practices need to be embedded in the way we work, and we believe that this will contribute to long term business success.

We will:

Implement projects and programmes that improve our energy efficiency and reduce our CO2 emissions.

Reduce our disposal of waste to landfill and work with our supply chain and customers to ensure efficient use of resources, with reduced waste and increased recycling of waste materials.

Improve our water efficiency and minimise the impacts from water discharged from our operations.

Offer innovative, practical solutions to customers to enable their buildings and infrastructure to be sustainable.

Support industry education on sustainable construction practices, design principles and measures.

Undertake Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) of our products in order to identify opportunities to reduce their environmental footprint.

Environmental Policy

We are committed to working with industry and regulatory bodies to protect the environment by reducing the environmental impacts associated with our manufacturing, construction and extraction operations, and the distribution and use of our building materials.

We will:

Ensure that we comply with all regulatory licences or consents to operate.

Commit to implementing measures to prevent pollution.

Use robust systems to identify and evaluate the environmental risks associated with our business activities.

Set challenging environmental targets and adopt a systematic approach to monitoring performance and achieving stretch targets.

Regularly review and report on our environmental performance.