Versatile Flooring

Medium Density

Hibond 55: A Versatile Flooring Solution for Medium Density Housing

Hibond 55 is a proven option for Medium Density Housing as it provides strength, reliability and affordability.

Hibond 55 is a versatile, lightweight, steel flooring system that delivers rapid and cost-effective installation for residential floors.

The key component of the Hibond 55 reinforced concrete floor is galvanised steel sheets which are roll-formed into a trapezoidal-shaped profile.

The steel sheets, manufactured in Christchurch, act as formwork during construction and mechanically bond with the concrete to create a high strength floor slab. The result is a strong and stable floor, which provides thermal insulation, acoustic performance and fire resistance, perfect for residential construction projects.

As a solution for Medium Density Housing, Hibond 55 provides key benefits including:

  • Strong and economical, quick and easy to install.
  • In most cases, its design enables construction and finishing work to continue shortly after laying: This is particularly important for Medium Density Housing projects as it means the installation of utilities such as cables, pipes and ducting can continue to progress quickly, without the delays some traditional floors can create.

Hibond 55 also provides an ideal surface for laying carpets, parquet flooring and other floor coverings.

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